Amazon’s Self-Publishing Guide for Hardcover Books

Is it possible to self-publish a hardcover book on Amazon? You certainly can.

The first thing you should know is that there is no option to publish in hardcover with Amazon KDP right now, it’s still in beta mode and it will just confuse you.

To create your book, you will need to utilize another self-publishing provider. 

However, you will be able to sell your book on Amazon and connect it to your other editions.

Where can you self-publish your hardcover book?

You have many options but in this guide, we’re going to talk about the 3 major ones.

  • IngramSpark
  • Lulu
  • Blurb

Because shipping fees might add up, your option will be determined by where you reside.

You should also think about the sort of book you desire, the quality, and the size.


Print book self-publishing is available via IngramSpark. It is one of the world’s largest book distributors. Because of this, it is an appealing choice for self-publishing writers.


Lulu is well-known for being one of the original self-publishing platforms for print books. As a result, it is also well-liked by a large number of writers.


Blurb is a popular picture book, cookbook, and children’s book publishing business. However, it also provides trade book publishing.

All three services have comparable costs, although it might vary based on the kind of book and the amount ordered.

There is also a distinction to be made between print on demand and offset printing.

If you pick offset printing, the quality of your book will be significantly greater, but it will also be more costly.

However, shipping and handling expenses, as well as VAT, roughly treble the price. 

These fees will be substantially greater if you do not reside in the United States or the United Kingdom.

If you’re still reading this, you’re very interested in self-publishing a hardcover book and selling it on Amazon. 

So, what should you do?

10 Steps for preparing a hardcover edition

If you’ve previously published a paperback, your interior and cover files will be incompatible with a hardcover edition.

Here are the essential procedures you must do before you may self-publish your book.

Step #1: Choose the size and dimensions of your book.

Step #2: Create new content for the dust cover flaps on the front and rear.

Step #3: Obtain your ISBN. Depending on where you reside, you’ll need to look into where you can get one.

To get a national ISBN, you must contact an international ISBN agency. R. R. Bowker is the exclusive supplier of ISBNs in the United States.

Step #4: Format your book’s inner file. You must do this before preparing your cover file since the spine measurements need you to know the entire number of pages.

Step #5: Depending on the sort of book, format your book cover or dustjacket.

Step #6: Hire a book designer. It is not a straightforward operation to prepare a file for a hardcover.

Most writers should engage a professional to complete the work. If you don’t know anyone, you can look for a book designer on Fiverr or Upwork.

Step #7: Upload your files. This procedure will differ depending on whatever service you choose to utilize. They are, nonetheless, quite similar.

Step #8: Examine your proof copy. You may choose between an online proof copy and a hard proof copy.

It is usually preferable to wait and get a physical copy to ensure that everything is flawless.

Step #9: Approve and publish your book. When you publish, you will also be able to choose your distribution methods.

Make certain that you choose print-on-demand wholesale distribution.

Step #10: Claim your book on Amazon. When your book is ready, go into your Author Central account and claim it.

Your hardback edition, along with the other formats of your book, should appear on your sales page within a few days.

If this does not happen, contact Amazon for assistance in merging your book versions.

Final Words 

Publishing a hardcover book isn’t as straightforward as publishing an ebook or paperback, but it can be a lot easier when you follow this guide.

Hope this guide was helpful, and if you liked what you read, please let us know in the comments, and also don’t forget to share it with someone you think might help.

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