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Please read some of the popular questions most of our smart customers ask. Here, we have outlined these questions as well as the corresponding answers. Go through them and find succinct answers to your questions and more!

No. All premade book covers on our website are one-time-sales. We never sell a premade book cover to more than one customer. Once you purchase your favourite book cover, we will mark it as sold and the “Order Now” button will not be disabled and removed entirely.
Yes and No.
1. You choose a premade book cover, we edit it and personalize it to your own specifications.
2. It will not cost you anything extra.
We pride ourselves in the ultra fast delivery of our service. It takes very much less than 24 hours from the placement of an order to the completion. If you request modification, we might apparently have to take a little more time.
We accept payments via PayPal or Credit Card.
No, We do not save any payment information. We ensure your security with SSL secure connection. Additionally, we use 2Checkout payment method through which you can also use PayPal.
All our products are in the highest quality you can expect. Our products come out in a larger resolution of more than 300dpi. This resolution looks more than sharp in print.
Yes, you can. However, the possibility depends on the package you pay for. We have three different packages and we make sure that you get more than value for your money.
We design using Adobe Photoshop. This is why the quality output is in a PSD format. You can edit fonts style, fonts colour, or change the text in your book cover. (Please note that we only provide source file to buyers of our Premium Package.)
Size of standard eBook covers is 1600x2500. This is provided by us. However, when you print your book, the size of the book cover changes in line with the platform on which you choose to print and your decision.
Yes, you can wherever necessary. We will provide watermark protected samples to show you the quality of our products but we will not edit it to your specifications and you can not update it.
No, we do not create any custom illustration.
Yes, you can. We can modify or update any book cover we sell to you without extra cost within 3 months from the order date. Even then, we will never change the main image or font style of the completed work. You can request to change any other parts.
Yes, we design custom book covers personalized to your taste to satisfy your needs.
Yes, you can select any stock image from Depositphotos. We will purchase the image for you.
Yes, we provide revisions to any orders until you are fully satisfied with the design. This will take no extra cost, only extra time.
Yes, you can. We can make little modifications to the premade book covers you choose. We would however, not change the main image for any reason. Please contact us before you place an order.
Yes, we can. even then, you must make full payment if you wish to reserve a cover. Once you make payment, we mark the cover as sold until you are ready with all the specific details to submit and receive your complete order.
No, you must not. This is against our Terms of Service.
We do not make any refund for all Premade cover designs. Please ensure to check all details before you place an order.

Conversely, for custom book covers, you can request a refund. However, if we purchased a stock image for you, we would not make you a full refund. We will deduct $10.
Yes, we can do book covers for series and each book cover will have a matching design as the first design. We will suggest a number of stock images, you would select one of them and we continue. Also it will add extra fee for extra versions. (Same cost in original version.)
Giving a positive feedback for our service is awesome and we love it when you do that. You have the right to choose whether or not you want your book cover art to be published. There is a button you check to exercise that right. if you don’t want to publish your cover art yet, your testimonial will be displayed with your name and your country. See the image below:
We’d be glad to appear on your Bestseller. You can use our brand name “BookCover4u” and you can also make use of our website link in your book, website, or social media platforms.

Do you have any more questions not highlighted here? Contact us as soon as possible.