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What is a book spine and why do you need it?

The spine is on the cover of the book. It has to be the same thickness as the pages inside the book. The material that you choose for the book cover should be of high quality, or you will find it ends up tearing. There are also different kinds of spines that you could choose from. The hinged spine is the best. The spine is going to add quality to your book. When a book is being put into the market, few highlights are going to have customers attracted. One of it is the spine. The book fan numbers to a particular author will increase if the book cover is one of that is going to be memorable. The book cover should be colorful, and the spine also should share similar colors from the book cover. The hinged spines will usually add a professional look to your book. A spine calculator is needed to decide the perfect book spine size. Today, in the market there are spine calculators that make things more comfortable because it gets all the necessary details and provides you the required book spine.

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Contents of a book spine

Do you want to know the essential factors on a spine? Okay then it is big-time you go through this section because the required details are mentioned. The book spine will need the title of the book and the author's name. If a book has more pages, the spine should also be more prominent. If the number of pages is less in your book, you will not need an enormous spine. On most of the book spines, you will come across typed letters. However, If the spine of the book is smaller, there will not be any typing because there is no space on the spine. Some books cannot have printed letters on the spine of the book; the reason is that the spine is not thick enough and the typing will be too small to read. Whether the book is going to have a spine or not depends on the binding style that you choose for your book. If your book has used the Saddle-Stitched Book, the Plastic Coil or Spiral Binding then having a spine is not going to be suitable.

Just as the book cover design should be outstanding, you will see that the spine is also important. Why that it is essential is because when you have your book kept on the bookshelf, the first little thing that you will see on the shelf is the book spine. At a bookshop, also the first sight is the book spine, you would know the book spine at first glance, and if the title of the book impresses you, you are going to buy that book surely. The design and image on the spine are going to make your readers interested in your book. You should come up with a book spine that is going to stand out from another book.

createspace spine calculator

Important tips of the spine of a book

If you want your book to be striking, the color that you use should be attractive. You should make use of the provided space on the spine to come up with a beautiful spine. Bright colors will be attractive. Imagine that there is a bookshelf at the bookstore and there are plenty of books. On which kind of books would your hand go? Your hands would first go to the ones with bright colors because they stand among the others. You will also have to use contrasting colors. A light colored font against a dark background would be ideal. Use the best colors for your spine and attract a vast audience.

The font that you also use matters. It is best if you could choose a simple font which in bold letters. The text type is something crucial in the book spine. Designing the spine is also essential. The essential details on the spine would be the title, the author’s name. If the spine is thin, you could only add these details, but if you have the spine in a thicker form, you could add some images and make the book more attractive.

When designing the spine, you will find that the spine calculator is essential. You must indeed have an idea of the spine calculator. The spine calculator will decide the appropriate spine width for your book. It allows you to enter the number of pages and choose your paper type. The spine calculator is the best aid for authors and also being familiar with the Createspace cover template, CreateSpace book sizes template and CreateSpace spine calculator is going to allow the authors to sell their books in vast numbers. It is ideal for self-publishers!